Network Cabling

Network Cabling or Structured Cabling forms the backbone for any business’ internal network; even where Wi-Fi is the order of the day, the quality of the cabled installation will still form the basis of the network reliability.


Will schedule a FREE site survey to diagnose your wireless internet issues, provide you with a quick and simple installation and ensure that you never have to worry about your internet again.

We specialise in new installations however, we are only too happy to fix existing installations and get them up to a standard that would be acceptable to even the biggest players in the industry. Our IT Network Support teams are here to assist you regardless of your request or current situation.

Once the Network Cabling & Wi-Fi installation is complete, our advanced networking team, will implement network security on your private network, which can limit access to the internet for various staff members or guests and create Virtual LANs inside your organisation which will allow you to segment your network in whichever way your organisations deems fit.


  • Network infrastructure design and implementation
  • Installing and extending Wi-Fi networks
  • Installation of wireless network & cabling solutions
  • Installing the correct cable setup for your home or office
  • Aesthetic patching & labelling of network cables
  • Selling of all hardware products and brands
  • Full home or office high-speed Wi-Fi coverage
  • Optimization of fibre to the home and 5G internet
  • Installation of Cat5e and Cat6 ethernet cables
  • Long distance point-to-point networking solutions

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