Our proactive approach

Sets us apart. Most people look for help after a problem has happened. At Porium Group, we identify and remedy minor problems before they become major ones.

This approach to caring for all of your major home systems (plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, building structure, etc.) saves you money and ensures the safe and efficient operation of your home

we do

Residential maintenance
Industrial building maintenance
Residential Estate maintenance
Shopping center maintenance
Commecial property maintenan

How many Saturdays have you spent trying to complete a ‘simple’ home repair? And how many trips did it take to the hardware store for the right tool, the right part, or some how-to advice?

There has to be a better way.

It was this experience, played out over many weekends, that us to develop this service. Our premise is simple: It’s cheaper to proactively maintain a home than it is to replace severely damaged components. As home systems become increasingly complex, most homeowners don’t have the knowledge, or the time, for proper maintenance. We offer a subscription-based maintenance contracts to deliver peace-of-mind to Edmonton’s property owners.


We make annual appointments with our doctors, dentists and optometrists and we take our vehicles for service every 3 months. Don’t our homes deserve the same care and attention?

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