Where is the cast of Indecent Proposal 30 years after film's release?

Indecent Proposal may have came out 30 years ago but it introduced a premise that people still debate to this day – can you put a price tag on your marriage?

In the film, David () and Diana Murphy () are a happily married couple that find themselves in a financial crisis.They decide to take a trip to to win big at the casino. 

When they end up losing everything they have, billionaire John () approaches them with an unusual offer.

He promises to give them $1 million if he can sleep with Diana. 

In the film, David (Woody Harrelson) and Diana Murphy (Demi Moore) are a happily married couple that find themselves in a financial crisis

When they end up losing everything they have, billionaire John (Robert Redford) approaches them with an unusual offer. He promises to give them $1 million if he can sleep with Diana

The movie – and its controversial premise – divided critics and audiences upon its release, with some praising the sordid nature of the storyline, while others slammed it for its ‘sexist’ portrayal of women. 

Rolling Stone described the movie as ‘sexist propaganda’, branding it a ‘bonbon spiked with malice’, while the New York Times branded it ‘far-fetched’. 

Feminist author Betty Friedan blasted the plot of the movie, insisting that it was going to teach 13-year-old girls that they ‘don’t need to bother’ with their homework and instead simply ‘diet enough to be anorexic, get some silicone and look for that lonely billionaire’, according to the . 

Three decades later, the movie continues to be the subject of much debate among film fans, and as a result has become something of a cult classic, while many of its stars have gone on to achieve huge Hollywood stardom. 

Now that 30 years have come and gone since the film’s release, the cast of the film are all in different stages of their life.

Some of the actors like Robert Redford have retired from acting.Others went through hardships like Demi Moore’s real life ex-husband Bruce Willis who is currently battling frontotemporal dementia.

Here’s what each of the cast members have gotten up to since Indecent Proposal hit theaters on April 7, 1993.


‘It was much more about a decision a couple made, not about somebody who got put up for something or lost in a poker game, like Honeymoon In Vegas.’ 

‘Her body, to me, was the least important sacrifice she made, compared to the potential loss of her marriage, which was something she valued more than anything.’

Moore didn’t seem to have as positive of an experience as her co-star Redford.

She butted heads with director Lyne over a number of issues including sex scenes and weight.

Lyne had felt that Moore had lost too much weight in between the time she was cast and the fitting, but Moore didn’t want to gain the weight back.

Moore starred in the 1993 film as Diana, the woman forced to choose if she should sleep with billionaire John to earn their family $1 million

Her first marriage was to Freddy Moore in 1980 when she was just 18.After affairs on her end, she called it off after four years

She starred in Disclosure (1994) after giving birth to her daughters, Rumer and Scott

She wrote about the incident in her memoir Inside Out, saying that he told her she ‘lost a lot of weight’ and became ‘disturbed’ and yelled: ‘I don’t want you looking like a f***ing man!’ 

‘I didn’t feel like I could stop exercising,’ she wrote. 

‘It was my job to fit into that unforgiving military uniform I’d be wearing in two months in [1992’s] A Few Good Men.

‘Getting in shape for that movie launched the obsession with working out that would consume me over the next five years.I never dared let up.’

She also shared that he would yell emphatically and cheer during their sex scenes, which she initially found ‘creepy.’ 

‘[Director Adrian] Lyne would cry things like “F***ing raunchy!” and “Oh god, got a boner on that!” Here was this guy getting all sweaty and worked up, yelling about boners,’ she wrote.

She added: ‘At first it was creepy … but once I got used to it, I saw its advantages: having Adrian carry on that way took the focus off my awkwardness because he was so over-the-top.’

Eventually, they reached a compromise on how the sex scenes would appear in the film. 

Moore and Lyne agreed that ‘he would be free to shoot the sex scenes however he wanted, but in the end I could review the footage and if there was anything I felt was too invasive or gratuitous, he would cut it.’

Moore and Willis tied the knot in 1987 (pictured in 1990) 

Even though Willis told her he wanted to split a couple of years after their wedding, they stayed together until 2000 (pictured in 1997) 

She filmed her most iconic film, G.I.Jane, in 1997

While filming Indecent Proposal, Moore was married to Willis, which was her second marriage.

Her first was at the very young age of 18 to Freddy Moore. In her memoir, she described how she aggressively pursued Freddy. 

She also confessed for the first time that she had cheated on him during her bachelorette party. 

‘The night before we got married, instead of working on my vows, I was calling a guy I’d met on a movie set,’ she wrote. 

‘I snuck out of my own bachelorette party and went to his apartment.

‘Why didn’t I go and see the man I was committing to spend the rest of my life with to express my doubts? 

‘Because I couldn’t face the fact that I was getting married to distract myself from grieving the death of my father. 

‘Because I felt like there was no room to question what I’d already put in motion.’

Once the memoir came out, the man came forward as Paul Carafo at the time.

‘It’s generated a lot of interest because everyone can understand resentment and envy in the breakup of a marriage, but they don’t understand how I can get along with my ex like that.

‘Demi and I made a choice to put the kids first, and we’re really lucky that it turns out we all have fun together.’

In March 2022, the family announced the actor had aphasia in a joint statement signed by Moore and their children as well as his current wife, Emma, and her children with Willis: Mabel and Evelyn.

Almost a year later, Emma and Moore released a joint statement revealing a more specific diagnosis.They revealed his dementia diagnosis while referring to their joint unit as ‘our family’ and him as ‘our beloved husband.’

That March, Emma, Moore and their families came together to celebrate Willis’s birthday. 

‘Happy birthday, BW!So glad we could celebrate you today,’ Moore wrote in the caption with an Instagram photo of the entire family gathered in celebration.

‘Love you and love our family,’ she continued. 

‘Thank you to everyone for the love and warm wishes – we all feel them.’


Woody Harrelson put his Playboy days behind him and settled down with his assistant, Laura Louie

Woody Harrelson was a controversial figure before Indecent Proposal (pictured left in the movie and right earlier this year), He’s been criticized over his comments about filming sex scenes and anti-vax rhetoric

Woody Harrelson, 61, was a controversial figure before Indecent Proposal, but he has copped criticism over the years in relation to his comments about filming sex scenes and anti-vax rhetoric.

Harrelson played David Murphy, the man who finds his marriage at risk when his wife, Diana, contemplates sleeping with John for $1 million. 

However, he also weighed in on a debate that has followed the film and its director, Adrian Lyne, since its release. 

Lyne is notorious for including sex scenes in his films. 

Harrelson is seemingly not only a fan, but weighed in on how he prefers to film them ‘without boundaries’ and expressed concerns for what his scene partner, Moore’s husband, thought.

‘I’m close friends with Demi and with Demi’s husband [Bruce Willis].You have to draw the line at how far to go, and I’m not good at drawing lines,’ he told in 1993.

‘I like to be lineless, without boundaries.The scene was flesh and flesh coming together. 

‘I don’t know if Demi was turned on, but me… But you have to think of what the repercussions will be. I don’t want Bruce coming after me.’

But it wasn’t just his comments making headlines, it was his personal life too.

According to , Harrelson ‘had as much sex’ as he could, and would brag about sleeping with three women a day during the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Before meeting Louie, he had expressed that he ‘never believed’ in marriage.He was only married once before to Nancy Simon in 1985 – seemingly as a joke.

After Indecent Proposal, he starred in Natural Born Killers (1994) with Juliette Lewis

He made his first appearance with Laura Louie in 1995.The couple is pictured is 1996

‘I never believed in the concept of [marriage]. I just never believed that it made

‘Relationships do tend to get very proprietary. And so you end up, before you realize it, in a cage – maybe a very comfortable cage, but still a cage – and you can’t be the person you want.

‘Obviously, you can’t have sex with anyone else, but many times you can’t even be the person that you were before.

‘I just was incapable of long-term relationships. I was with whoever would have me. Then I met my wife.’ 

They met when Louie, a San Francisco native and UCLA student, was visiting the set as part of a workshop set up by her school in 1987.

‘At some point, I was like, “Hey, does anybody here have secretarial skills? ‘Cause I could really use an assistant,”‘ the actor recalled of their initial meeting.

‘And this young woman, Laura Louie, raised her hand. I asked her to come down ’cause she was up in the stands.

‘So she came down, and I said, “We’ll meet tomorrow. Come out to my place.”‘

Louie did just that and the two hit it off immediately. 

He continued: ‘We had one of the greatest conversations I ever had, so she became my assistant.’

He said he was on a solo trip in Africa when he suddenly realized he was in love with her.

‘I just started thinking about Laura, fantasizing about her. I mean, talk about forbidden fruit,’ he said.

‘It was, “Do not have these thoughts!” But I’d have the thoughts, and they would tantalize me in such a way.

He and Louie got married in 2008 after nearly two decades together in an affordable $500 wedding in Hawaii (pictured in 2010) 

Harrelson continued to act in films like The Hunger Games (2014) 

‘I remember it was as if my teeth were itching, like an unscratchable itch inside the teeth. That’s how much it was suffusing my being.

‘It was one of those things I wouldn’t admit to myself: I didn’t want to be attracted to my amazing assistant.

‘So I come back to LA I ask all of my friends, “Do you think I should follow through on what I’m feeling?”

‘And 100 per cent of them said, “No!” because they knew my track record – I mostly just had one-night stands.’

Despite his friends – and his own conscience – telling him not to pursue her, Harrelson decided to profess his feelings for Louie by writing her a romantic love song in 1989.

‘It was pretty direct. I play her the song, and afterward she says, “Woody, I’ve been in love with you for the last two and a half years.”‘

The couple made their first red carpet appearance in 1995, around the same time he worked on the films Natural Born Killers (1994) and The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996).

In spite of his love for her, their relationship hit a snag in 2002 when he admitted to cheating on her with two women that he met in a London bar.

‘I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t see [the article]. I can’t remember the details – I’ve doubtless repressed it. She never saw the thing. But someone told her,’ he explained.

‘Laura – this really gives you a sense of the depth of her compassion – what she said to me after finding out was, “That must be really hard for you, to have this s*** exposed.” She just said that.

‘Now that doesn’t mean she wasn’t upset. How did I apologize? You know, just your standard Texan grovel. But she forgave me and we’re still together.’

One of his most recent films is Triangle of Sadness (2022)

He and his wife Laura are still happily together. The couple pictured with their children earlier this year

He and Louie got married in 2008 after nearly two decades together in an affordable $500 wedding in Hawaii.

While Harrelson told The Hollywood Reporter that ‘marriage certainly softened’ him, he admitted that he doesn’t think ‘anything will ever calm him down.’

‘I got the most amazing wife I could imagine. But did marriage calm me down? I don’t think anything will ever calm me down,’ he said in 2017.

‘I frequently think of my situation. Just having this family who has been so loving and so kind to me – like, more than I deserve, maybe.

‘And in some ways I think that has mellowed me. Maybe “mellowed” isn’t the right word, but it has softened those areas that were too hard.

‘I guess there has been a change in me. If I’m honest, I have to say that something has shifted, some kind of basic core disturbance.’

After tying the knot with Louie, he worked on a number of films including Zombieland (2009), The Hunger Games (2012), True Detective (2014) and most recently, Triangle Of Sadness (2022).

Harrelson stirred up more controversy while hosting Saturday Night Live. 

During his opening monologue, he discussed reading ‘the craziest script’ for a movie pitch, which he later made clear was in reference to the COVID-19 vaccine regulations.

‘So the movie goes like this,’ he said. 

‘The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes.

‘And people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them over and over.’

‘I threw the script away,’ he went on to joke.

‘I mean, who was going to believe that crazy games unblockedcrazy games unblocked idea? Being forced to do drugs? I do that voluntarily all day.’


‘So… that’s the only reason we’re probably not still together, maybe, because of a different path in life we wanted to take.

‘I look at that time as a great time.Angie is still a friend of mine and she’s a great person and she’s done so much.’ 

Thankfully, the sixth time was the charm for Thornton. In 2014, he tied the knot with actress Connie Angland in 2014.

She was best known for her roles in Men In Black (1997) and Planet Of The Apes (2001).

Meanwhile, he also kept working, starring in the Bad Santa franchise, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016) and The Gray Man (2022). 

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