W53P Yealink Mid range IP Cordless Phone


As a mid-level DECT IP phone model, the new Yealink W53P is perfectly designed for moderate-to-active on-the-move communications. Powered by the wireless CAT-iq2.0 DECT technology, W53P offers premium and stable HD audio quality to satisfy the customers who are looking for stable and reliable DECT IP phones comfortable to carry and handle.

As making phone calls while on-the-move becomes a vital part of work in all kinds of business segments, Yealink has been innovating and endeavoring to develop its DECT IP phone solution to deliver better products and services to customers who are seeking for stable and reliable on-the-move communications within their varied working spaces.

In addition to W53P, Yealink’s sophisticated wireless DECT system comprises multiple phone models.

The premium-level W60P, featuring HD audio quality, 2.4-inch display, powerful Li-ion battery and quick-charge capability, is ideal for handling heavy call load;

The entry-to-mid level W52P, featuring stable and efficient performance, is ideal for small business owners with less on-the-move communications;


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